Should you look into Islamabad sector B-17 for investments?

The luxurious apartment neighborhood Cloud Tower-1 is one of the major pillars behind the success of sector B-17 in Islamabad. Cloud Services is proud to introduce a unique apartment complex in Islamabad providing an excellent investment opportunity. The current status of property prices in sector B-17 may not look too promising, but it is not something should inhibit you from investing in sector B-17. In the coming years, this sector is going to enjoy a boom in property prices, and investors will get a high rate of return through their investments.

Location of Sector B-17

This splendid residential sector is located at an ideal location in Zone-II of Islamabad Capital Territory. The location of B-17 is one of the prime selling point in the real estate industry. B-17 outperforms the rest of the residential sectors in Islamabad, as it is located at the perfect location from Margalla Hills and has easy access from G.T road. Moreover, sector B-17 is at a suitable location from Peshawar-Islamabad Motorway, which is crossed by approximately 30,000 people daily. These statistics are very promising for sector B-17 regarding future real estate investment. This new emerging sector has a vast area of over 16,000 Kanal spread out over multiple blocks ranging from A to G. Last but not least, B-17 is only 6 kilometer away from the Islamabad International Airport.

Modern Lifestyle

Cloud Tower-1

Cloud Tower-1 is a 27-floor Luxury Apartment Building on 12 Kanal of land located at Block-G of B-17, Multi-Gardens. It comprises of Studio, 1, 2, 3 bed and Penthouse / Duplex Apartments.

Cloud Tower-1 will cover an area of 860,000 sq.ft. including a grand 14,000 sq. ft. gymnasium for ladies and gents, a splendid mosque, citizen’s lounge, community hall, 4 floors reserved for car parking, and much more! Cloud Tower-1 will be offering unmatched facilities for its valued clients, which are not comparable to any existing residential complex in Islamabad.

Cloud Villas Phase-I

A project of luxury row houses in Multi Gardens, B 17, Islamabad by “The Cloud Services”,

Cloud Villas Phase-I is an 8 Marla energy-efficient villas project in B-17. This luxurious residential project is an amazing investment opportunity for investors and anyone planning to invest in real estate.

The aim is to deliver high-quality, effectively-planned, energy-efficient, and cost-effective residence to the citizens of Islamabad. Reputation is of primary importance in the real estate industry, so there is no compromise on the quality of the project.

Cloud Villas Phase-I

A successful 5-Marla row house project in sector B-17. It is a single-unit, double-story, energy-efficient luxury housing project in Islamabad. The project is designed with premium quality materials. The planning strategy and efficient use of spaces differentiate it from competitors. 

Cloud Mall

A 7-Floor Shopping Mall standing prominent in sector B-17. It is located on the main road of B-17. The building is full of emerging brands of Pakistan. Cloud Mall is planned carefully. It meets all of the standards of commercial planning. Cloud Mall has an excellent rental value that is always an edge for investors.

If you are seriously interested in real estate investment, sector B-17 Islamabad is one of the best options to consider. Because it outperforms the other sectors of Islamabad in terms of great infrastructure development. Make sure you do complete homework before investing in any of the residential or commercial complexes in B-17.

Happy Investing!

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