How to know the quality of a newly constructed building

Before owning a newly build home everyone wants it to be perfect because no one wants to deal with malfunctions and major repairs soon after moving in.

There are many people complaining about the construction quality of the house,

Before buying a newly constructed house  always make sure the quality of construction

There are a few steps  by keeping them in mind you can save yourself from the worst situation

Know your builder

Though all builders promise to provide the highest quality but not all of them bother to commit with you of providing the detail of amenities they are going to use related to windows, doors, flooring, kitchen, and electrical fittings etc.

If your builder offers you to provide a daily update of construction then it is a good sign, nowadays in the age of the internet every reputed business have their presence on social networking website, by following your builders there you can get much information, construction updates  and reviews which will help you to stay appraise on the status of the work on your home

Your relationship with your  builder also makes a significant change good builders are always there to answer your questions,  so it is important to build a good relationship with your builder

Soil test

The most important step before starting construction is to test the soil where the house is proposed to be constructed it will help to  understand the suitability of the soil for the construction project

Soil is responsible to support the stress coming from the building or structure

It should be tested correctly  to avoid any damage or collapse

Good builders always conduct a soil test before starting any construction and ready to give you a copy of the test.

Plaster Quality

Plaster make the surface of the wall, roof, and ceiling smooth and creates a  good finishing and also protect the exterior of the building from heavy rain, winds, and extreme temperature.

 Cracked and uneven surface of the plaster indicated the bad quality of construction.

Plumbing quality

Your home may look nice but what if it has overflowing toilets, leaking pipes which will make your home even worst. To avoid this situation always inspect the plumbing quality of  pipes, joints and fixture should be of quality and according to standards

Electrical quality

The quality of electrical cables for house wiring should not be compromised because it can create life-threatening incidents

Copper wire should be of highest quality and with fire-resistant plastic and  also make sure that the proper earthing should be provided

For some real estate developers, their reputation is most important for them

And they never compromise on the quality of construction.