Hanging Garden

Residents can profit from indoor and hanging gardens in many ways, from increased aesthetics to improved lifestyle and productivity. One cannot stress the benefits of including plants in residential buildings’ interiors. There are numerous benefits to having an enclosed outdoor park, whether they are functional, aesthetic, or psychological.

For the first time in Islamabad real estate, Cloud Tower-1, surrounded by Margalla Hills and breathtaking vistas, offers Hanging Garden 60 feet from the road. The inhabitants of Cloud Tower-1 are the only ones who can use this garden. The third floor of Cloud Tower-1, located in Sector B-17 of MPCHS Islamabad, features Hanging Garden built in a modern Balinese design.

You can enjoy an early-morning run in a hanging garden while listening to the calming sound of birds tweeting. It is surrounded by beautiful vegetation, creating the ideal setting to enjoy a happy and serene life with your family. The Margalla Hills’ lush green nature enhances the attractiveness of the surroundings and inspires you to enjoy life to the utmost.

Being very concerned with enhancing the quality of life, we at Cloud Tower-1 have created the third floor, particularly the hanging garden, to be the center of your social life.

The park’s vast spaces are undoubtedly its most remarkable feature. Three sides of the U-shaped structure enclose the park, leaving one side open. From the open side, one can see the skyline of the G block over the plazas.

The park has a 324-foot walking track that is 120 feet long and 42 feet wide, with benches, kid-sized swings in the middle, and an entry at the back of the main corridor. A gym with glass walls is located on both sides and offers users beautiful views of the park. Additional entertainment options on the same floor include a senior citizens’ lounge, an indoor play area for kids, and a daycare facility. Additionally, there is a prayer are nearby with a lovely view. This will serve as the neighborhood of Cloud Tower-1’s central hub for events and socializing.

The residents of Cloud Tower-1 can additionally make use of the following extra advantages thanks to its hanging garden:

  • Less stress in a peaceful environment
  • Improved mental agility and imagination
  • An ability to heal faster
  • A more profound sense of happiness and well-being

By positioning the park in the middle of the apartment complex, where it will be visible from all floors, this hanging garden is also designed to give parents and families a sense of security and comfort for their loved ones. The structure was created to direct light to some regions of the hanging garden. Guardians, walkers, parents who enjoy working out, and grandparents who enjoy socializing can feel secure knowing they can keep an eye on their children from their terraces or other gathering places because the park is visible from, almost every angle of the Cloud Tower-1 building. No outsiders will be allowed in, giving families a secure environment. Along with the sun rising in the morning and the afternoon, there will be building shadows that will shield occupants from the heat.

Final Thoughts

For those in Pakistan and Pakistanis living abroad who desire a healthy lifestyle and a profitable future investment at a reasonable price, Cloud Tower-1 in Sector B-17 of MPCHS Islamabad represents a significant opportunity because it is the project that guarantees to give its residents long-term, luxurious apartments with infrastructure and security for excellent socializing.