Hanging Garden at 60ft height from road with Track & Benches

Hanging Garden at 60ft height from road with Track & Benches

Cloud Tower-1 presents a park at a height of 60 ft. from road. This Park is exclusively designed for the residents of Cloud Tower-1. This open-to-sky park is situated at the heart of 4th floor of Cloud Tower-1, which is the resident entertainment floor of this apartment complex. This floor will be filled with exciting amenities for in-house residence. This will be one-stop happening and socializing place for the Cloud Tower -1 community.

While living in an apartment complex, two very important aspects to improve quality of life would be

  1. a) Open spaces
  2. b) A central place to socialize that nurtures the concept of community living.

We at Cloud Tower-1, being very conscious of providing an improved quality of life, have designed this floor to be at center of your social life.

Open Spaces – The most amazing aspect of the park would be that it is an open-air park. The U-shaped building surrounds the park form three sides with one side open. The skyline of G block can be viewed above the plazas from the open side.

Socializing Hub – In the park, there is a 324ft. long walking track that is 120ft. long and 42ft. wide with benches as well as swings for children in the middle and an entrance on the rear of the main corridor. On both sides there is a gym with glass for the residents as well. From the gym, the stunning views of the park will entertain the gym enthusiasts. More entertainment facilities like old age socializing area, children’s indoor play area and day care center are also on the same floor. Moreover, the mosque is also situated here with a beautiful view.

This park is also designed in a way to give parents and families a sense of security and comfort for their loved ones, by placing the park at such a central location which will be visible from all floors of the apartment buildin. Stay-at-home-mums, walk enthusiasts, exercising parents, as well as socializing grandparents will have a peace of mind by keeping an eye on their kids from their terraces or activity spots as the park can be viewed from every nook and corner. It will provide a secured atmosphere for families with no outsiders’ entry permitted.

Besides, the sun will rise in the morning and afternoon, there will be building shadows to protect inhabitants from the heat.

To summarize, Cloud Tower-1 is a significant opportunity for the people living in Pakistan, as well as overseas Pakistanis who fancy a good living, a profitable future investment at an affordable price. As it’s THE project that promises to deliver long term permanent luxury residence to its inhabitants with infrastructure and security for quality socializing.