6 Inexpensive  ways to design your beautiful  outdoor space

If you want to spend more time outside with your friends and family then  you should consider your home to be your sanctuary or recreation area by  making your special and unique outdoor space

By utilizing and adding few elements to your rooftop area, terrace, balcony, porch or deck area you can make high functioning and beautiful outdoor space.

You plan extremely for the indoor design of your homes and totally overlook and forget to consider outer spaces of your homes, your outer spaces not only add more excellence but it will also increase the worth of your home.

Here are a few tips about how you can create beautiful outdoor space

Make it natural

To make your outer space more pleasant and fresh by using different elements of nature like plants of different heights, small water  features which create splashing sounds of fountains or by using colorful flowers of different types, these are the small features that make your space more natural and appealing place


furniture can be an expensive idea but you can make it more cost-effective by reusing old furniture pieces or by DIY new accessorize, you can make benches by using a piece of reclaimed lumber, by using tree stumps or  recycling milk crates and then adding outdoor cushions it can make ottomans and this way you can furnish your space for less

There are plenty of creative ideas that you can practice by thinking in an imaginative way and repurpose the  stuff you already have to enhance your outdoor space

Always choose lightweight transferable and folding furniture that also fit the space to create the insight of flow and also make sure that your sofas or seatings are comfortable

Create Vertical garden

Using the only furniture on outer space can make it look flat but adding little dimensions  can create a whole new little sitting area

Utilizing the blank wall  as a vertical flowerpot garden by planting trees and let them grow in a pattern results in a new look that adds value to an empty wall and  this simple and budget-friendly technique can be used for growing plants and low-growing vegetables


You can also  create a cheap landscape that also offers great visual impact  by using recycled pavers in different patterns or by casting stepping stone and also scattering large stones with the broad strips of grass

Checking  out different options for hardscaping  Including sands and crushed rocks and gravels, which  provides casual covering underfoot for outdoor sitting areas


Lights considered as  most popular for outdoor spaces, these lights transform your space and offer colors and ambiance  and make the outer area more impressive

Wrap a tree by using string lights, hanging lanterns and lights or using a candle can add little sparkle and colors to your space