Why Should You Live in a High Rise Apartments?
6 Exciting benefits

Previously, life in ground-floor apartments had numerous attractions to its residents, however, there has been a rising charm of living in high-rise apartments. Now, high-rises are considered one of the most famous living options in urban life, due to the availability of extraordinary amenities in these apartments.

Tall buildings have been a popular choice of construction in cities, which is the attraction for people to live in the city centres and enjoy access to the facilities around the city.

We have researched to shortlist the following 6 most attractive reasons why you should live in high-rise buildings:

The Majestic View:

The spectacular view from high-rise buildings has its charm. The engineers of these towers usually design the structure which ensures beautiful views in gated communities.
At Cloud Tower 1, the scenic beauty of Islamabad is captured artistically. There are large glass windows at all passages, and the central passage of each floor is designed for a 42 feet huge window. This window will cause a stunning view of the skyline to the residents passing via this passage. Further, the living rooms and bedrooms have one wall which consists of an enormous glass window covering the whole wall.

Safety and Security

One of the ideal benefits of high-rise apartments is that a better sense of security and safety is felt in these buildings where advanced equipment and evacuation plans are intact.
At Cloud Tower 1, state-of-the-art safety standards are in place. Trained security staff availability will be ensured 24/7. Besides staff, advanced CCTV surveillance will further improve the security of residents.
There are emergency exits as backups when needed and automated fire alarms and fire fighting systems. These basic safety and security arrangements are of utmost importance in apartment living.

Amenities in high-rise apartments

With the increasing population and traffic, getting parking became a hassle. The high-rise apartments offer dedicated parking to their occupants. Cloud Tower-1, has spacious underground parking to facilitate its residents.
Today’s urban lives are very busy, and it is very difficult to manage self-care activities after work hours. This is an additional benefit of living in high-rise apartments, that all such amenities are established indoors. And the residents can avail of these facilities at any hour, without commuting hassle.
At Cloud Tower 1, an in-house Steam-bath and Sauna are designed exclusively for the residents, and they can visit it at their convenient hours to relax. The largest Gym facility in high-rise buildings is designed in Cloud Tower-1, with a covered area as large as 14,000 sq. ft. The gym is equipped with all state-of-the-art tools. A separate gym for ladies and gents is available. The concept of luxury is maintained at their gym, by providing all facilities like lockers, saunas, steam rooms, changing areas, martial art rooms, and showers.

Medical Facilities

Health care is the number one priority and in case of emergency, it is an utmost priority to get the required medical advice. Further, routine sickness if not needed a visit to the emergency, but still medicine is required. Commuting to a hospital or pharmacy is a hassle at such times. The high-rise building with these facilities is another benefit of living in these apartments. A pharmacy and doctor clinic in close vicinity is a convenience and a blessing at times of emergency.
Cloud Tower-1 in Islamabad has a hybrid medical facility consisting of a pharmacy and a doctors’ clinic. The pharmacy service is available 24/7, managed by professional doctors and pharmacists who work hard to ensure our resident’s good health. To handle ER cases, a first aid kit is available at the pharmacy. All the health supplies and medicines are of high quality.

Cost Effectiveness

Utility cost is generally lower in high-rise buildings because of construction standards. This is due to economies of scale, as there are many apartments in the same building. These lower costs are passed on to the occupants of the building as fewer utility charges.
At Cloud tower-1 all the apartments are equipped with independent heating and cooking systems. There is an arrangement for an independent power source and backup. CDA-approved residential project, Cloud Tower-1 is providing all the necessary facilities like gas, electricity, and water supply to its residents.

Connectivity Arrangements

24/7 connectivity has become important. For students, who work from home or the office, and stay updated about local and international news, without staying connected online it is impossible to manage.
A high-rise apartment project in Islamabad, Cloud Tower-1, has designed an in-building solution to provide connectivity to its residents. This facility improves the network strength of mobile signals and enhances coverage.

Best Living Experience in High-Rise Apartments

High-rise apartments in Islamabad are undoubtedly providing the best living experience and have become one of the most preferred residential options in Urban areas. Apart from the above-elaborated reasons, there are numerous others, why high-rise apartments have gained popularity as a residential option.
Buying a place to live in Islamabad is an important decision and will strongly impact your everyday life. Choose wisely and do get in touch with the Cloud Tower-1 expert team to have a word.