What do you need to know about
Penthouse Apartments and Penthouse living?

The name penthouse has an ancient origin, which is derived from the French word “apentis”, which means “attached building” or “an appendage”. 

With the increasing prices overall and especially real estate inflation, apartments and penthouse living have become ideal options. There is much spacious living for fewer sq. ft. in vertical living. Hence, with the word vertical living, the desirable options are an apartment or a penthouse. An apartment and a penthouse are a little different and it is important to understand them before you make an investment.

To make it really simple to understand, an apartment is referred to as small as a 1 Bedroom or 2-3 bedrooms or a studio apartment. Whereas a penthouse is defined as a luxurious living

space that is usually at the top floor unit in a building, coupled with a panoramic view of its surrounding.

In this article, we will be focusing on penthouse apartments and the living experience in a penthouse. 

Penthouse amenities include, but are not limited to amenities like a much larger square feet area, higher ceilings than traditional houses, floor-to-ceiling windows, and other luxurious offerings like private pools, roof decks, terraces, libraries, and fireplaces. Further, there are top-line finishes and appliances in the kitchens and bathrooms. These are the general amenities that are available in almost all penthouses. Today a penthouse is not just a traditionally-defined top-floor apartment of a residential building. Apartments are called penthouses if they have certainly sought-after features which include ample door space, high ceilings, unique layouts, and or fantastic views, even if these apartments are not on the top floor. 

To further elaborate, let’s discuss more the features and amenities of penthouse apartments and life at a penthouse:


The unique architecture of the windows and corridors in high-rise buildings is in demand. Penthouse apartments in Islamabad are in high demand due to this feature, as the scenic beauty is nicely captured. 

Cloud Tower-1 has this idea of extraordinary corridors. In cloud Tower-1, the corridors are not just passages, but rather wide walkways with heat-resistant glass walls, which gives the feeling of walking on clouds with the lush green cityscape right below.

Hanging Garden

Any exciting feature which is not found in other high-rise buildings.  

For instance, Cloud Tower-1 presents a park located at a height of 60 ft. from the ground. This open-to-sky park is located at the heart of the 4th floor in Cloud Tower-1, this floor is the resident’s entertainment floor. Further, 4th floor in cloud tower-1 is a one-stop happening and socializing place for the community.

In this hanging park at cloud tower-1, there is a 324ft. long walking track that is 120ft. long and 42ft. Wide, there are benches for visitors and swings for children in the middle. On both sides, there is a nice gym with glass. From the gym, the stunning views of the park are another advantage.

What you are waiting for, don’t only imagine your life in a such nice place, get in touch with the Cloud Tower-1 team and book your penthouse apartment. 

Spacious square footage space 

A spacious covered area is an important feature of penthouse apartments. Some residential apartments have duplex apartment options, which are spacious as compared to traditional apartments. These duplex apartments are spacious, luxurious, and with high ceilings as well as windows.

Cloud tower-1 comprises Studio, 1, 2, 3 beds, and Penthouse / Duplex Apartments. The tower is spread over a covered area of 860,000 sq. ft. With each residential floor covered area of approx. 30,000 sq. ft. and each parking basement of approx. 51,000 sq. ft.. the duplex penthouses are as large as a covered area consisting of 4167 sq.ft consisting of 4 bedrooms and small ones are with a covered area of 3321 sq.ft consisting of 3 bedrooms. These penthouses have a terrace and a service balcony. 

Smart Parking 

With increasing traffic on the roads, parking has also become a problem. Parking space is considered an important factor when you are buying your own apartment. Therefore, the high-rise buildings are now making their dedicated parking for residents. 

Cloud tower-1 has spacious multi-story parking. They have a smart, dynamic, and secure parking management system in their parking in order to ensure the safety of all vehicles. This system uses a smart card or ticket which identifies all the vehicles which will enter or exit their parking. When you are investing to buy a penthouse apartment, these super luxurious features are important to consider.