Vertical VS Horizontal Living: Which one is the future lifestyle in Pakistan?

What is Vertical Living?

The idea of vertical living revolves around life high above ground level, in interconnected towers providing all the elements of a city, close by from housing to schools, parks, hospitals, malls, and more. This idea was conceived with one revolutionary invention, the high-rise apartment, which is designed to provide all necessities and advanced amenities to its residents near the place of their work or study to free them from the hassle of daily long commutes in the metropolitan cities. The need for such living setups obviously arose due to the shifting of most of the percentage of the population from rural to urban areas for work, business, or studies.

What is Horizontal Living

Horizontal living incorporates housing development that is built to rent. It’s a unique choice that combines single-family rentals which can accommodate small to large families. In this kind of living setup, people have more space to themselves, and the living areas are less crowded. Horizontal living typically provides more personal space including private backyards, people can enjoy more privacy, elevators or stairs are not required, and there are fewer or no shared walls.


Traditional Living Styles in Pakistan

The traditional living style in Pakistan since its inception has been horizontal, with big verandas, and one or two-story houses incorporating a sense of living together with parents and siblings, enjoying the amenities of family life. But as life progressed and times changed, people started moving out of their native areas to explore studying and working opportunities, and hence the metropolitan cities of the country saw an extreme rise in population. Hence, it became really challenging to find suitable residential options and spaces close to places of work or study. Although the idea of vertical living is still somewhat new to most of the population of the country, the fact that the cities are getting so congested is the reason that there really is a need to build upwards to accommodate the growing population. 


The Shift in living Style of Pakistanis

Based on the insights gathered from different sources it’s been assessed that people who are already living in metropolitan cities, particularly young executives working at offices with nuclear family setups, and students from well-off families, tend to favor condominiums and high-rise apartments. The main reasons for their preference are security, comfort, and convenience. 


Why Younger generation more inclined towards a Vertical Living Style Today?

Life in vertical living setups is designed to be compatible with the modern on-the-go lifestyle, hence favoring those who want to match the pace of the digitally transforming world. Almost all the secondary responsibilities are taken up on the community level by the apartment owners and service providers, hence freeing them of the hassle to give any attention to these details, be it the maintenance services, cleaning of porches and yards, parking areas, or arrangement of backup power. Most of the modern vertical living setups today in the country provide all these amenities making lives for their residents hassle-free, easier, and more enjoyable.


Here are some reasons why vertical living is the choice of the younger generation today:

Exceptional Living Experience

One thing that apartments offer at the top of the list of amenities is convenience. Easy and convenient access to all areas of the daily commute is the major reason people prefer living in vertical setups. Most of the newly designed high-rise apartment projects incorporate parks, schools, branded shops, shopping malls, and recreational facilities at walking distance or within 10-15 minutes of drive. This feature tops all the features because with the rise in transportation costs and increases in population it has become very difficult to commute on roads in metropolitan cities, hence having all areas of need and recreation nearby is surely an attraction when deciding the place of residence.


Safety and Security

Modern high-rise apartments today incorporate their own safety and security systems as they are built on global international standards. With modern safety features incorporated in design including smoke detectors, firefighting setups, and 24/7 availability of rescue staff, they provide a better sense of secure and safe living. Also, the private security services offered by the setups, ensure entrance of only residents to all the community and residential areas, providing a secure environment, especially for women and children. 


Community Living

Many modern vertical living setups in the country offer exceptional international standards of community services to its residents which include, gyms, parks, indoor play areas, daycare facilities, community halls for events, and sports and swimming facilities. Imagining all of this while living in a horizontal setup either requires a lot of investment or separate membership of clubs.


Affordable housing

If being compared based on all the pros and cons, vertical living is more affordable than horizontal living style. Apartments are cost-effective because it cuts down on the cost of buying land and building a home while not compromising on the standard of living.



With all the advantages it has to offer, vertical living setups are now considered to be the future of living style in Pakistan. With more people approaching the metropolitan cities, it will only be possible with the help of high-rise towers to provide exceptional living facilities to the growing population of the metropolitan cities.