Things You Should Know Before Buying
an Apartment in Islamabad

Owning your own house or apartment in Islamabad is a living dream of many of us. This buying decision is different than buying any other asset, as the investment is enormous, and we need to consider taking this decision. We have researched and shortlisted the essential things you should know before buying an apartment in Islamabad.

1. Know your budget

Know your budget, that is how much finances you must spend. It depends if you have the lump sum amount available for the down payment and how many installments you would be required to arrange when due. Further, bear in mind that there would be extra or hidden charges, which require your complete understanding before making an investment decision. Further, there are taxes and transfer charges, you need to know all such details. 

You need to look for affordable apartments in Islamabad, which are in your range, and the Installment plan is also convenient for you to manage. Cloud Tower-1 has considered the financial aspect of its potential customers. The down payment is 25% only, and there are 16 quarterly convenient installments, making this project an attractive and affordable apartment in Islamabad.  Due to the high developmental quality, ideal location, and affordable prices, this housing enterprise offers enormous investment potential. 

2. Legal Status 

Confirming the legal status is critical, as there are huge risks involved in the project if has litigation issues. In Islamabad, CDA-approved projects are verified, and investors can invest with confidence. So, all you need to know is to check NOC issued by CDA or RDA and land ownership documents. 

In this aspect, there are few good names in Islamabad, whose credibility has no question, and Cloud services are one of these developers. Cloud services have successfully delivered 4 projects, which include the Cloud Mall, Cloud Villas Phase I, Cloud Villas Phase II, and Cloud Emporium. Cloud Tower-1 is a project of luxurious cloud services apartments based in B17, Islamabad. CDA-approved project and the ownership is transferred to customers after completing every legal formality. Cloud Tower-1 apartments project in Islamabad is a risk-free investment due to approved NOC and no legal complications.

3. Location

Location is important and one of the foremost criteria to consider before making an investment decision in real estate. A few important aspects to know while considering location are appended below:

  • Distance from the entry of the city
  • Availability of public transport nearby or personal vehicle is required to commute
  • Accessibility to schools, colleges, or universities
  • Accessibility to medical care, including big hospitals and pharmacies
  • Availability of shopping malls, grocery stores, etc in the nearby vicinity

Apartments at the entrance of the city are usually expensive, and some options are a little in suburbs but commuting options are available to make things convenient for the residents. Cloud Tower-1 apartments in Islamabad are ideally located in B17, connecting to GT road and the M1 motorway. It is only a 6km distance from Islamabad International Airport. Access to PIMS, CMH, and Polyclinic hospitals is convenient as the Kashmir highway is connected to these prime locations.  

4. Facilities and Amenities

Basic and advanced amenities do matter to make our life comfortable. While making a buying decision, we must check the availability of these facilities. The provision of amenities depends on the project, some have only the basic facilities while the luxurious apartments have other amenities as well like parks, green areas, advanced security systems, etc, and many more.  

Cloud Tower-1 has numerous Unique Selling Propositions – USP, and Unique Elements which differentiate it from other residential apartments in Islamabad. The idea of community living is fully addressed by providing daycare centers, prayer halls, gyms for ladies and gents, hanging gardens and parks for children, outdoor and indoor play areas, and the availability of 24/7 pharmacy and doctor services.

Further, the privacy, safety, and security of the cloud tower-1 residents are ensured. CCTV surveillance and well-trained security staff are deputed in the apartments. These apartments have NFPA-certified firefighting systems and emergency exits with smoke suction ducts.

5. Visit the Location

Pay a personal visit to all the options you are considering. You can get the required information from the company website, where every detail mentioned about the project and numerous informative videos are also appended. But this information is not enough, as they are marketing their project and would display the project as flawless. Therefore, it is highly recommended to visit the property in person and have a look at the vicinity and the property itself. 

Once you assure of the above aspects, you may proceed with apartment booking, as the ideal projects rarely wait and get sold quickly. Apartment booking is as easy now as ever before, and you may simply call the Cloud Tower-1 office or pay a visit. Further, the most convenient way is to download the form, fill in your particulars and submit. Their representative will get in touch with you as soon as possible. It is a fantastic investment opportunity in Islamabad real estate market, with quick and sure high ROI.

Buy an apartment in Islamabad after all the research work, as the house is a place where we built our memories with our loved ones, and also after a hectic day, every one of us is looking for peace.