Senior Citizen’s Lounge for Socializing

Senior Citizen's Lounge for Socializing

Our elders are the most cherish-able assets of our society. Yet, many seniors find it difficult to fill their days with meaningful activity. They practice little or very less social engagement and are more prone to social isolation than younger people.

To overcome this  situation, Cloud Tower-1 is ensuring the recreation and social well-being of the elderly in Islamabad real estate. With the intention to provide senior citizens with the best community living in an apartment set up, Cloud Tower-1 has introduced the Senior Citizen’s Lounge first time in any building in Pakistan, because we care about comfort and convenience of our residents from all age groups. Its purpose is to serve the best interests of the building’s seniors, to develop social interest and feelings of true value within the apartment building.

Here are a few benefits that come with having a Senior Citizen Lounge in an apartment complex.

Social Opportunity

Senior citizens are more isolated than younger ones and it can be difficult for them to make new friends. Senior citizen lounges can be a source of fun and refreshment for senior citizens. They can take advantage of social opportunities that let them share and connect with others who live in the same building as well.

Best Way to Spend Idle Time

Many seniors suffer from chronic boredom after retiring from a lifelong career. Our senior loved ones need to participate in activities that engage their mind. The senior citizen lounge in Cloud Tower-1 is well equipped with a range of activities and entertainment options for the elderly. They can spend their free time with friends playing different games or watching their favorite shows together.

A Break from Daily Life

Generally, seniors are more stressed than their younger counterparts and they frequently worry about their finances, health conditions, and other issues. They certainly need a break from everyday stress and nothing can be more comforting than the place that is entirely dedicated to them. Senior citizen lounge is a space safe for seniors where they can be free from stress and enjoy themselves.

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Senior Citizen Lounge by Cloud Tower-1

Islamabad real estate first senior citizen’s lounge is located on the 3rd floor of Cloud Tower-1 building and also has wheelchair access. Following are some noteworthy and extraordinary features of the Senior Citizen lounge.

  • Spacious club-like hall with generously sized glass windows that provides picturesque views of Margalla Hills at a height of 60ft.
  • Comfortable armchairs and newspaper racks on the window sides for seniors to rest and read the newspaper and other literature.
  • Some restaurant-style tables are placed with board games e.g. Ludo, Chess, and Carrom board for the entertainment of the elderly.
  • Drawing-room style sofas with widescreen LED for watching favourite shows and engaging in general conversation.
  • A coffee counter  to serve the members coffee, drinks, and snacks.
  • Lastly, a prayer hall is planned a few steps from the lounge to ensure the comfort and ease of senior citizens.

It is a concept that is still unique in Pakistan’s real estate. Senior citizens are an important part of our society and we must take care of their physical, social, and emotional well-being. Cloud Tower-1 has placed a lot of importance on this factor and has provisioned for a unique Senior Citizen Lounge aiming to offer a well-rounded experience in Islamabad real estate.

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