5 Important Things You Need to Know
Before Buying an Apartment?

Monthly outflow in the form of rent is devastating, knowing the fact you will not own the asset at the end. After living for some time in a rented house or apartment, you will realize that its the time to save and buy your own property. 

Buying your own house or apartment is a big decision, and it requires some essential things to consider. In recent years high-rise buildings have been in more demand, therefore, in this article, we will be focusing more on things you need to know before buying an apartment. Consider these things, to avoid any unpleasant surprises and save your investments from sinking. 

1. Location

Check the facilities available in that vicinity, accessibility to the city center, and commuting options available. When you live in that apartment, you will have to manage your daily routine, considering the location is the utmost important factor. 

Cloud Tower-1, a project of The Cloud Services, has an ideal location in sector B-17, Islamabad. Situated on the west of N-5, and has two gates on GT road. Islamabad International Airport is only 15 km away. Further to access the city center, Margalla Avenue is adjacent which is under construction currently. All these attributes make Cloud Tower-1 a convenient place to live. 

2. Availability of Parking

Availability of car parking is an essential factor. Due to increasing congestion in the urban arrears, residential parking is now fully packed, and it’s tough to park the car immediately outside your apartment. You need to check whether free parking is available or you will have to pay for it. It is always recommended to look for an apartment with dedicated parking for the residents, as it will save you from daily hassle.  

Currently, the residential apartments in Islamabad are taking into consideration this important factor. Cloud Tower-1 has spacious underground parking which can accommodate over 450 cars. The parking is secured with high-end CCTV cameras, which cover every inch of the parking. Further, smart cards or tickets are provided to the drivers in order to keep a track of entry or exit from the parking area. 

3. Availability of other amenities

After a hectic day, we look for some leisure activities. Also, there are some basic routine requirements, for which we need to go out in order to fetch those items. To live a comfortable life, it’s ideal if such amenities are at our doorstep, like a gym, prayer area, pharmacy, medical help, play area for kids, and or a daycare. 

Cloud Tower-1, ultra-luxurious residential apartments have such amenities at your doorstep. Separate gym for ladies and gents comprising 14,000 sq. ft area, a spacious hanging garden that has a nice track and benches, a spacious community hall for the residents, and a magnificent mosque. There is a kids’ play area and a nice daycare center in order to facilitate the working ladies living in cloud tower-1 apartments. A 27/7 clinic and pharmacy are also established to deal with medical emergencies. All kinds of over-the-counter medicines as well as prescription medicines are available in this pharmacy. 

4. Privacy and Security

At personal space, privacy is everyone’s right as well as a basic requirement. Further, ensuring the best security arrangements in the building is also one of the most important factors. You can make a buying decision based on the availability of these two factors.

The designers of Cloud Tower-1 have ensured that windows in every apartment should not face other apartments’ windows. Also, windows should have a distance of 42 feet between them. To ensure security, CCTV surveillance is available in apartment lobbies. There is also a highly trained security staff deployed to ensure further security of the residents and their belongings. 

5. Watch your Budget

Look at your pocket, consider what is your budget, and you can make the down payment. Would you manage the installments? While choosing any apartment, you will get a rough idea of the market prices in that area. Based on your available budget, you need to start planning and researching. 

There are various good options available, where convenient installment plans are granted. However, a down payment as low as 25% is the basic requirement. Cloud Tower-1 is facilitating its investors in their budgeting by providing 16 convenient quarterly installments plans and a down payment of only 25% of the value. 

The bottom line is, it is the time now to start your research, as after some time you will definitely want to own your own apartment in some nice locality. Such investment requires reasonable market research and consideration of many important factors. Some important actors to consider are elaborated on above and there are many more factors as well, which you will explore with time.