Few measures to make a building earthquake proof

Earthquake can occur at any time and anywhere with no indication and pose widespread destruction, Pakistan has witnessed many earthquakes over the last few decades and many areas have been destroyed due to this natural disaster.

Experts are working hard to  find the basic building characteristics to keep the structure safe and protected from collapsing down so that the  residents living there will be safe

NO one can stop the occurrence of the earthquake but by following different norms and regulation while constructing the building can help to minimize the damage caused by the earthquake and also helps to avoid a complete collapse of the building

Here are a few measures to make earthquake-resistant buildings

One of the major characteristics of any building is its strong foundation that helps the building to resist powerful forces during the earthquake, every region have different characteristics for a foundation that needs to be observed and properly inspect before starting construction by experts and professionals. Foundation should be connected, deep and have driven piles to resist against powerful earthquake

Floating foundation which separates the base or foundation of the building from its superstructure during an earthquake. Lead-rubber bearings are  placed between and are attached with steel plates to the foundation and structure of the building in the way the only foundation will move by leaving  the structure in its place during the earthquake

Experts suggest the design of the building which spends the energy equally without putting too much force on one side. Structures which are in the symmetric design are considered to be best and highly preferred in seismic prone areas because it distributes the force equally throughout the structure.

Shock absorption earthquake resistant technology is also used in buildings it is alike to the shock absorbers used in vehicles. It helps the building to slow down and decreases the rate of vibratory motions

Use light and flexible material helps to make the building earthquake resistant it is always suggested to use a material that bends or flex without splitting and  make the structure shock absorbent

Always use the highest quality material in the construction and don’t compromise in this matter. Since the construction of the building comprises of many piece and materials and every piece should have unity because the combination of every material forms the building earthquake proof

Even the best engineering techniques cannot save the building from collapse  during the strongest earthquake but these earthquake resistant structures can withstand a certain probability of a quake to resist against an earthquake as much as possible  so that loss of life should be lessened digital marketers for construction companies