What are you looking for? An ideal location to grow your business on an affordable budget? Before you start looking for a rental or sale commercial shops, make sure you talk to your company partners and staff about their expectations and needs. This information should be based on the length of your stay, the number of employees who will be working in the office, the overall style, any special facilities you may require, and your budget. These demands and criteria should eventually mirror your company’s overall goals.

These are often used for living and rental reasons. Residential real estate is viewed as a necessity rather than a business or investment opportunity. Commercial properties, on the other hand, are purchased for business and investment objectives.

Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a high-end residential development with great commercials. It is quite important in Islamabad because of its commercial and business operations. Cloud Villas is offering a project named “Cloud Emporium” with flats for rent in Islamabad at an ideal location at inexpensive rental value.

Cloud Emporium is a project that is offering multiple studio offices with attached washrooms and balconies. In terms of location, it is located on the major route of Civic Center, in the Executive block of Gulberg Greens, which is great. It’s a new two side open building with ample space for car parking. It is excellent in quality of construction and extremely clean building.

This famous project, launched by well-known developers, is a source of attraction not only for nearby areas but also for individuals from all over the twin cities, thanks to the high-rise structures with unlimited amenities.

Features of 7 Storey Residential Building in the Civic Centre of Gulberg Greens

  • Shops at ground/basement floors and residential apartments on upper floors
  • Studio, one-bedroom, and 2 bedroom apartments with balconies
  • Rooms with balconies
  • All studios with kitchenettes
  • On-site fitness gym
  • ample space for car parking
  • Efficient lift with back generator
  • CCTV camera security
  • Proper Building Management team

Offices and flats for sale in Islamabad are attracting the interest of not only Pakistanis but also international investors in this magnificent property. These flats are available at an inexpensive sale price for the affordability of the average person. Furthermore, they provide office flats for rent in Islamabad at extremely low rates starting from just 15,500 per month.



Both the ground and lower ground floors have shops. In this pandemic condition, when you must observe all SOPs and keep a safe distance from people, airy and well-ventilated businesses are the greatest option. These commercial shops for sale in Islamabad are a great opportunity to avail.

For the convenience of users, efficient elevators are also available. In the event of a power outage, there is also a backup automatic generator set up.


The attached washrooms are also available for people’s convenience. All of the rooms have balconies that provide excellent views of the nearby farmhouses. They’ll also keep the apartment light and airy.

For all industries, these businesses, offices, and flats are ready for occupation at a reasonable and inexpensive price.

Furthermore, magnificent large corridors that seem beautiful are available in businesses and residences. Kitchenettes included in all studios. Furthermore, the kitchen decorated tastefully with appealing themes that are both appealing and sophisticated.

Commercial properties have lengthier lease terms. In Pakistan, it is uncommon for people to rent out their homes. They are looking for a property to buy or rent. Cloud Emporium in this regard is the best opportunity to avail for business development.

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