To invest in a project that is more advanced and captivating according to the best location is of much concern nowadays. People who want to make investments prefer an ideal location and it is the main concern of developers to provide opportunities according to their demands.

In this regard, Gulberg Greens Islamabad is a luxury housing experience and incredible commercials are of a high standard. It holds a lot of importance due to its commercial and corporate activities in Islamabad.  Through its rapid development, Gulberg Greens Islamabad has proven itself the best over the past couple of years. 

In this ideal location, Cloud services proudly present its project “Cloud Emporium”.

In this supreme project, office apartments for sale in Islamabad are fetching not only the attention of Pakistanis but overseas investors as well. Besides, they are offering office apartments for rent in Islamabad as well at very cheap prices. As far as the location depends, it is located at the ideal location on the main road of Civic Center, in the Executive block of Gulberg Greens.


“Cloud Emporium” is one of the best commercial areas for investment purposes. It is located in Civic Center that is one of the four main commercial areas of Gulberg Greens. It is close to the entrance to approach easily. 

This landmark project introduced by well-known developers is a source of attraction not only for nearby localities but also for the people from all across the twin cities because of high-rise buildings with endless amenities.

According to the current market trends, it has been becoming widely successful in accomplishing the mission because its commercial sector seems the foremost strength of Gulberg Islamabad.


“Cloud Emporium” is the best project because of its unique key features that stand it out from other projects. Looking at the modern trends, it offers 300 square feet well-developed shops, and offices. It’s a 7-story building and 7 apartments are located on each floor. 

Shops are located at ground & lower ground levels. These shops are well-ventilated as they have crossed from both sides of the building that makes the environment airy and fresh as a whole. 

 They are offering full-service apartments. All apartments are gracefully designed to attract visitors.


Efficient elevators are also provided for the convenience of customers. There is the arrange of a back-up automated generator as well in case of any inconvenience of electricity.


Moreover, offices and apartments are offered with elegant spacious passages that look graceful.

All studios have attached kitchenettes. Besides, the kitchen is beautifully designed with attractive themes that look attractive and elegant. For the convenience of people, attached washrooms are also there to use. There are balconies attached with all rooms that preview beautiful views of surrounding farmhouses. They will keep the apartment airy and fresh as well.


These shops, offices, and apartments are ready for occupancy at a reasonable & affordable price for all sectors. Offices price for sale starts from just 25 lac and for rent, just from 15,500 per month. In order to contact please Call: 0345-5588068 Mr. Anwar Shah, Building Supervisor.  

In short, Cloud Emporium is offering a full package at a very reasonable price with such a vision that the commercial centers are going to attract massive footfall in society.